Thursday, April 17, 2014

Honda's all-new HR-V

Honda will be launching the all-new HR-V Compact SUV this winter, expanding its lineup of small cars, after the launch of the 2015 Honda Fit.  The first official photos of the HR-V were released today, showing sleek styling similar styling to the CR-V, but on a smaller car.  The HR-V will be equipped with the Honda Magic Seat, which allows you to fold the second row seat completely flat for added cargo space.  The 2015 Honda Fit and the Honda HR-V have both been designed with a versatile and spacious interior to fit all the needs of the next generation of buyers.

The Honda HR-V will be a combination of the Fit and the CR-V, in size and price. If you are looking for a vehicle with SUV utility in a subcompact package, all with Honda's impressive list of standard features such as a rearview camera and Bluetooth connectivity, the HR-V is for you. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

2015 Honda Fit

The 2015 Honda Fit is coming soon- it is completely redesigned,with a roomier interior, 130 horsepower, and an availablecontinuously variable transmission.  It comes standard with Bluetooth, an Expanded View Driver’s Mirror and a Rearview camera.  You will also notice some new color options, as well as a new sleek body style with a new grille and headlights.  “This is a car that will look attractive in upscale driveways, suburban apartment complexes, and urban traffic.” –Car and Driver
The 2015 Fit also has available 16-inch alloy wheels, leather seats, Smart Entry, Honda Lane Watch and push button start on select trim levels. One of great the features in the 2015 Fit is itsMagic Seat, a rear bench that can be configured in four different ways to enable more room for camping gear, bicycles, and much more.
The pricing on the new Fit has not been released yet, though it is rumored to be competitively priced within the segment.  It is expected to achieve 41 mpg on the highway and 33 mpg in the city, compared to the current ratings on the 2013 Fit of 35 mpg highway and 28 mpg city.  The 2015 Fit is a lot of car for a little bit of money, and it is ready for the road.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Honda Smart Home

Honda has opened a demonstration Smart Home in Davis, California (just outside of Sacramento), fully equipped with the latest technology and a Honda Fit in the garage.  This Honda Smart Home demonstrates how we might live a zero-carbon life.  The home is located on the campus of the University of California at Davis, which will be used for three years by visiting faculty and staff, with each tenant staying for a year.

In places like Australia and California, water can be scarce and sun power is plentiful, so low-impact homes are at a high interest.  The Honda Smart Home is about 2,000 square feet, and is designed to be energy positive.  It contributes electricity to the grid and has a battery storage system that captures excess energy and provides an energy source in case of blackouts.  It is complete with LED lighting, radiant heating and cooling, a solar panel system, as well as a grey-water filtering and recovery system.

You will find a zero-emission Honda Fit EV electric car in the garage, which is equipped with a standard 240-Volt Level 2 charging station and a DC charging outlet.  The solar panels on the house can directly charge the Fit EV via the DC cable.  Not only is Honda pushing the envelope in zero-emission automobiles, they are at the forefront of zero-emission technology in homes.