Friday, September 5, 2014

The Supercharged CR-Z

You can now get a dealer-installed supercharger for the Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe, which takes it up to 197 horsepower, almost 50% more than the stock horsepower.  The kit includes a centrifugal supercharger, intercooler, high-flow injectors, air-filter system and a recalibrated electronic control unit and was developed by Honda Performance Development.  Not including dealer installation, this kit costs about $5,495 and is onlycompatible with CR-Zs that come with a manual transmission. There are other kits out there made my third party companies that cost about the same but once installed, they void the warranty.  Honda’s kit turns the CR-Z into more of what they had originally intended, a small and nimble car that is fast and efficient.

”This new push from Honda Performance Development harkens back to Honda’s glory days and hopefully is only the beginning of a larger move within the company to return to its sporty root.” –